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MASIPAG Oppose the Revival of MASAGANA 99

MASIPAG in the News

MASIPAG expresses its opposition against the revival or replication of MASAGANA 99, an agricultural program introduced by Marcos in the 1960s. MASIPAG believes that small-scale farmers did not enjoy long-term benefits from the program, and instead exacerbated their already dismal condition.

Watch full video here.

Farmer-led Agriculture Can Change the Planet

In a video produced by CIDSE, Maria Rowena Buena, PGS Coordinator of MASIPAG shares the life and struggles of poor Filipino farmers, and how they work on achieving food security and empowerment through MASIPAG.

You can watch the whole video here.


Thanks to our friends in CIDSE for this wonderful opportunity to spread the word on farmer-led agriculture, and how it can contribute to caring for the planet and changing the world. #