MASIPAG Participates in Regional Sharing on GMO and Local Biodiversity in Vietnam

September 1, 2017

by MASIPAG National Office

The Community Entrepreneur Development Institute (CENDI) together with local organizations SPERI, CIRUM, national organizations BIOTHAI, MASIPAG and international group GRAIN held a three day regional workshop to discuss the adoption of Genetically Modified crops in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

CENDI sees that the proliferation of GM crops and poisonous pesticides will affect the health and environment, the farmers’ rights to seeds and the customary traditions of the indigenous ethnic minorities. The activity was attended by key farmers, mostly coming from the Black Tai, Muong, Tay, Hmong, Nung, Co Ho, H’re and Ca Doong ethnic groups in nine provinces in Vietnam, the Lao Loum from Laos, and also participants from eight countries.

Monsanto, maker of genetically modified corn and herbicide weedkiller Roundup is now distributing its products in Vietnam, threatening the rich agrobiodiversity of the said nation. 

Farmer trainor Mamerto ‘Pay Merto” Pado of Camarines Sur shared insights on the current situation of agriculture in the Philippines, farmer-led advocacy and rice breeding.

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