National Back Up Farm Tour

April 23, 2021

by MASIPAG National Office

Watch the MASIPAG National Backup Farm (NBUF) tour, hosted by Bonifacio Nazareno, backup farm manager, as he explains the importance of various NBUF components and facilities conducive to conservation, maintenance and multiplication of rice collections; and, its role in supporting MASIPAG People’s Organizations.

The NBUF, from the term itself, functions as back up for the regional BUFs, provincial BUFs and Trial Farms. It maintains 2,132 kinds of rice (747 traditional rice varieties, 1,205 MASIPAG rice at 180 farmer-bred rice) which has unique characteristics to serve Filipino’s needs. Through the years, NBUF, along with PO-led trial farms, also develops and maintains new climate-change resilient collections, which are always made available and accessible to MASIPAG farmer members.