Success in Sustainable Rice Trial Farming in Pangasinan

July 7, 2022

by MASIPAG National Office

JUNE 2022 | People’s Organizations from Gabay sa Bagong Pagasa Warding, Macayocayo, Managos and Banaban in Bayambang of the Provincial Consultative Body (PCB) Pangasinan have successfully bed-out MASIPAG organic rice seeds in their respective farms. 

Through trial farming, PCB Pangasinan ensures that their practices for sustainable farming intensify and advance. Apart from the continuous trial of 50 varieties of organic rice from MASIPAG lines, farmer-bred lines, and traditional lines, farmers have also launched their verification trials where they have the liberty to choose varieties according to their preference.

MASIPAG farmers in Pangasinan anticipate that in the future they will be able to further effectively manage their PCB-managed seed bank and rice reserve as well as attract more farmers in the province to join them in adapting the seed system and technology of the MASIPAG way of farming. 

Trial farming and seed banking is an integral component of MASIPAG’s program to collect, identify, maintain, multiply, and evaluate (CIMME) cultivars of rice and corn, indigenous vegetables, poultry, and livestock breeds. This program contributes to the network’s effort of creating self-sustenance and self-reliance among the farmers, realized by the POs through a trial farm strategy. CIMME ensures that collected species and varieties are maintained in on-field seed banks for farmers’ access.

Currently, MASIPAG has 292 seed banks and seed reserves with 156 trial farms across the Philippine Island