Intensifying Farmers’ initiatives for seed, food security & climate resilience one Trial Farm at a time

September 29, 2023

by MASIPAG National Office

Did you know that MASIPAG currently has a total of 2,180 rice collection? Most impressively, it is the small farmers who lead the conservation, production and improvement of seeds through the Trial Farm strategy and farmer-led breeding.

Through Trial Farm, People’s Organizations (POs) conserve at least 50 rice varieties/selections. From these, they are able to observe and select the seeds that are most adapted to their locality and are resilient to the effects of climate change. In 2020-2021 alone, MASIPAG documented 156 new and maintained Trial Farm in the country despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the establishment and maintenance of Trial Farm continues, the number of farmers who are being liberated from the cycle of debt from buying external chemical inputs increases, while contributing to biodiversity integrity and resilience to various effects of the changing climate.

In Visayas particularly, the regional back up farm in San Dionisio, Iloilo holds an important role in supporting the continuous establishment of trial farms in the region. Watch Estelita “nang Apad” Bamo, MASIPAG rice breeder and farmer trainer, as she shares the victories of the small farmers through the Trial Farm strategy.
Seed conservation and seed sharing is instrumental in MASIPAG’s central campaign of asserting food sovereignty. Through its annual participation in the Green Action Week, the network aims to further expand and strengthen such practices in the locality in the objective of achieving local food security sustainably.

Watch nang Apad’s and the rest of MASIPAG farmers from Visayas intensification of farmers’ initiatives for seed, food security & climate resilience one Trial Farm at a time here:

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