MASIPAG’s challenge to political aspirants amid the local barangay election – Forward Farmer-led Agroecology, Farmers’ Rights, and Food Sovereignty!

October 28, 2023

by MASIPAG National Office

We stand at a crucial juncture in our local barangays and communities, where the decisions made in the upcoming barangay election shall shape the future we leave for generations to come. As candidates running for the upcoming barangay elections, Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG) urge our barangay official hopefuls to rise to the occassion and champion policies promoting farmer-led agroecology, farmers’ rights, and food sovereignty in your local barangays.

We encourage all aspiring and hopeful barangay official candidates to embrace farmer-led agroecology, a sustainable farming approach that respects our environment, preserves biodiversity, and ensures people’s food sovereignty. By endorsing agroecological practices, you contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a more resilient agricultural sector. Your support for farmer’s including including the lobbying ang passing of local organic agricutlure ordinances, fair wages for agriculturual workers, land tenure, and access to resources, will empower those who tirelessly feed our communities – our farmers. Upholding these rights fosters social justice and strengthens the very foundation of our society.

Rallying behind food sovereignty, farmer-led agroecology, and farmers’ rights is addressing the scarcity of democracy in our present chemical and capital intensive food and agriculture.

MASIPAG challenge every aspiring and hopeful barangay official candidates to pursue food sovereignty, ensuring that local communities and farmers have control over our food systems. Empower farmers, promote people-led development and invest in agricultural diversity. Challenge the status quo, envision innovative solution that is by and for the Filipino people, especiall farmers, and as duty bearers, to be the first among equals in leading the way toward a future where our communities are self-reliant in producing the food they need.

A commitment to farmer-led agroecology, farmers’ rights, and food sovereignty will not only shape the trajectory of our local areas but will inspire a nationwide movement toward a more sustainable and equitable Philippines.

In this pivotal moment, MASIPAG call upon to every aspiring and hopeful barangay official candidates to be the agents of change that our communities need and deserve. Let us work together to create a sustainable, just, and food-secure future for all.