Organizational Development and Network Strengthening

Organizational Development and Network Strengthening program is anchored on the vision, mission, goals and programs of MASIPAG that aims towards the development of strong, stable and expanding people’s organization.

OD indicators

  1. Membership – among the poorest, expanding, collectively participating in organizational activities;
  2. Gender balance and development – empowerment and leadership development of women farmers;
  3. Collective leadership;
  4. Effective organizational structure – functional committee systems and programs based on community needs;
  5. Social change; 
  6. Cooperation, unity, and mutual concern in campaigns/local mass actions
  7. Collectively resolving conflicts and internal problems;
  8. Proactive against all forms of struggles, exploitation and oppression, especially within the organization;
  9. Self-reliant;
  10. Conduct of regular studies on socio-economic and political situations, assessments, summing-up and constructive criticisms;
  11. Clear organizational policies and rules;
  12. Clear VMGO and CBL; and
  13. Improve the quality of life of its members.

organizational features

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organizational news

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