Stop Golden Rice Network

What is Stop Golden Rice Network?

SGRN is a regional campaign network comprised of more than 30 organizations across Asia, geared towards strengthening network support and campaign collaboration against the onslaught of corporate control in food and agriculture. The network strives to lead the fight against Golden Rice in Asia.

Formed in 2014 during the Asian Conference against Golden Rice, the network aims primarily as a platform for information exchange, support, monitoring and coordination of initiatives of participants and organizations on the campaign against the introduction, field testing and commercialization of Golden Rice. Apart from campaigns, SGRN also identifies other collaborative activities that promote alternative farmer-led agriculture, such as sustainable and organic agriculture, seed conservation among others.


  • Establish a strong local and regional peoples’ network that will monitor and will act to stop commercialization of Golden Rice and other kinds of GMOs
  • Establish a common platform for communication, support and exchange on matters related to developments and impacts of Golden Rice and other GMOs
  • Lobby local governments to stop field releases of GMOs and to establish GM-free zones


GAWAD BEN AT KA PECS: Panawagan para sa Papel Pananaliksik

October 6, 2020

by MASIPAG National Office

Ang MASIPAG ay naghahanap ng mga pananaliksik patungkol sa agrikultura, alinsunod sa mga sumusunod na patnubay. Ang Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikultura o MASIPAG ay isang network na pinangungunahan ng mga magsasaka mula sa mga people’s organizations, siyentista, at non-government organizations na magkakatuwang tungo sa sa likas-kayang paggamit at pangangasiwa ng laksang […]

Why We Oppose Golden Rice

August 8, 2020

by MASIPAG National Office

(Released today in commemoration of the International Day of Protest Against Golden Rice, now in its 7th year) The push for corporate-led solutions to hunger and malnutrition is alarming. In particular, Golden Rice is now being proposed as a solution to the worsening hunger and malnutrition associated with the pandemic. Agrochemical transnationals (TNCs) and collaborating institutions […]

Farmer networks, global research groups reject corporate agenda as solution to looming hunger pandemic

August 6, 2020

by MASIPAG National Office

Stop Golden Rice Network, an Asia-wide campaign network of organizations campaigning against Golden Rice, hosted an online forum on the state of hunger and malnutrition, and the corporate agenda on agriculture in the time of the pandemic yesterday, August 5, through a live broadcast on their Facebook page. Titled “From Gates to your Plates,” the […]


Farmer-Scientist Network calls for investigation of GM Corn production following disastrous region-wide flooding

November 17, 2020

by MASIPAG National Office

In the advent of catastrophic flooding experienced by provinces in Luzon, farmer-scientist network Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para sa Pag-unlad ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG) calls on authorities to investigate the rampant cultivation of genetically modified (GM) corn and accompanying herbicide Glyphosate in Cagayan that contributed to the heavy flooding in the province. In the course of two […]

Farmer – Scientist group MASIPAG cautions DA on opening IP lands for further corporate plunder

April 29, 2020

by MASIPAG National Office

Thursday last week the Agriculture Department Secretary, Mr. William Dar announced that his agency is endorsing the proposal of agri-business firm AgriNurture Inc (ANI) to “develop” idle indigenous lands to boost corn production by mixing it with rice. This according to Secretary Dar is in response to looming food gaps exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. […]